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A series of fashion events throughout Wichita, KS highlighting local fashion designers.

Our first year of shows highlighting our diverse fashion talent in Wichita took place all of 2022. With our first Introductory Runway Show, featuring 12 local designers in October 2021 and a Finale Show featuring 15 designers in September 2022. Check out our current roster of designers and watch as they grow in our 2023 program. 

Stay connected through our social media to learn more about our Pop-up Runways around Wichita and surrounding areas highlighting our current line-up of designers in 2023.

ICT Fashion Tour: Welcome


What is the ICT Fashion Tour about?

The mission of ICT Fashion Tour is to provide space and opportunities for local designers in Wichita, KS to showcase their work in runway form. Our many goals include:

  • Amplifying the diverse and unique talent with an emphasis on marginalized individuals

  • Creating a fashion presence in Wichita that promotes individuality and positivity

  • Providing fashion resources and education by partnering with local studios and businesses

  • Having our shows be accessible to the public by offering free and affordable runway shows throughout the year

When are your events?

We have a series of events, starting with an Introductory Show in December 2022, Pop-up runway shows occurring at various times and locations between February 2023 and July 2023, and then a Finale Show in August/September 2023. You can view snaps of our pop-up runway looks here. Stay updated through our socials for more details regarding our events!

We continue to focus on amplifying each designer's individuality and highlight what make's Wichita our city.

How do I become a designer for ICT Fashion Tour?

Designers who have been accepted into the ICT Fashion Tour series for 2022-2023 have already been selected. They will be featured in our Introductory show, Pop-up shows, and Finale show in 2023. 

Designers can come from all walks of life, regardless of your experience. As long as you have the ambition and passion for fashion design, you are welcome to sign up. Designers can be graphic designers who create casual everyday wear to upcycling and hobbyists to seasoned designers. New designers (and old) are provided resources to be able to construct and complete their designs for the shows. Our shows and resources are available to our cohort of designers to build their portfolio, network with fellow creatives, and gain knowledge to continue their artistic endeavors sustainably.

Can I model for ICT Fashion Tour?

Yes! Model applications are open to everyone 16+ regardless of size and gender.

Applications for our 2023 Pop-up Runway shows are here! Follow our socials for future dates and applications links.

ICT Fashion Tour: FAQ

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