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Odd Fellow Hall x ICT Fashion Tour Gourmet Fashion Show

2022 Gourmet Fashion / Collective Show

Date: October 28, 2022

Location: Odd Fellow Hall

Designers: ANRI, Maria Egger, Ashley KnepperSydney Lenox, & Nina Winter

Courses by Chef Bill Crites, Jimmy Vo, and Odd Fellow Hall Staff 
Cocktails by Mixologist Wm. Cody Lonergan

Photographers: Darrin Hackney Photography, I See Thys Moments, Lucky Photo, Ulrick Glen Brown Photography

Videographer: LevyLand

Gourmet Fashion is where fashion meets food with our fundraiser dinner hosted by Odd Fellow Hall. Attendees experienced five curated courses and five crafted cocktails inspired by the runway looks from ICT Fashion Tour's lineup.

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