Active Designers



"My designs are an exploration of my Asian American, Midwest identity. I enjoy incorporating gothic and punk elements while working with rich colors, patterns, and vintage textiles."

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Byrd & Blue

"We are inspired by fall, the 70s, and modern fashion trends. So, we want to create a look inspired by those themes. We are big on staying eco-friendly so we are upcycling materials to give them a second life and hand-make accessories to keep our designs unique."


Thomas Cottner

"I love the dark/punk side of the fashion world."

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Maria Egger, Milkweed Clothier

Custom handmade intimates, swimwear and more.


Christopher Gulick

"Non-Objective designs gleaned from the imagination of the 5 year old mind in my 60 year old brain."

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Mark Iozada, YBG Studios

A collection of Young Bag Getters

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Ashley Knepper, Chismosa Company

"My designs are fun and very colorful! I find inspiration from 90s or early 2000s prints and textures. I find them to be very nostalgic and remind me a little bit of my childhood, making them very personal to me."

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Sydney Lenox

"My current project is an exploration of mixed-race black identity through natural dyeing processes. My inspiration is my own racial and cultural identity as a biracial black woman and daughter of an immigrant."


Malissa Long

"I am a sewing artist who loves to manipulate textiles and create surface designs. I love creating art and fashion with up-cycled and salvaged materials. My inspirations come from anything that challenges me or puts the world in a different perspective."

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Danny Sun, Dummy Apparel Company

"We strive to help you carve your aesthetic. Express yourself with our eccentric eye-catching designs. Our mission is for your to be exactly who you are, regardless of what anyone else thinks."

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Yvie Tovar, Home Girl Threads

"My mission is to inspire the Latinx youth to follow their dreams and express themselves through creativity."

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Lynn Vuong

"I've always loved fashion and have wanted to create pieces but I just don't know where to begin. I am thinking by doing this, I can learn something and perhaps start here. I know it is easier said than done but I would like to challenge myself to creating pieces."


Nina Winter, TISSU Sewing Studio

​"My goal is to inspire & empower a new generation through the art of slowing down, mindful makings, sewing & fashion design. Your imagination and creativity can change the world."


Guest/Inactive Designers


Kara Billie, Shop Risky

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Anita Ortiz, Hot and Bothered Clothing