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Active Designers



"Most of my pieces have deep meanings behind them, being based on emotion, experiences, culture, and more. I want to transfer this into a wearable form."


Joel Cazares

"My design inspiration typically comes from prompts that I come up with. I have the most fun designing clothing around the idea of it being worn somewhere very specific."

2022-09-17_ICTFashionBTS-3 (1).jpg

Thomas Cottner

"I love the dark/punk side of the fashion world."



"I mostly draw from things like space, nature, fantastical horror things, and interestingly weird living things/fossils to create designs and the like."


Beth Janssen, The Sewing Center

"I love hand craft and opulence.  I like the art of runway, but am a very practical person in my own dress."


Justice Jermaine

"My designs are inspired by a mixture of high fashion couture, female protagonists, and unconventional materials."


Libbi Jessen

"I will always be on the search for the 'perfect little black dress.'"


Mark Lozada, YBG Studios

A collection of Young Bag Getters

IFT - Odd Fellows-217_edited.jpg

Ashley Knepper, Chismosa Company

"My designs are fun and very colorful! I find inspiration from 90s or early 2000s prints and textures. I find them to be very nostalgic and remind me a little bit of my childhood, making them very personal to me."


Sydney Lenox

"Slow-fashion designer and educator who expresses mental health experiences through alternative fashion design."


Malissa Long

"I love creating art and fashion with up-cycled and salvaged materials. My inspirations come from anything that challenges me or puts the world in a different perspective."


Meet the Challenge

About Meet the Challenge


Meghan Miller

"I hope my designs transport the wearers and those around them to the realm of imagination!"


Mikayel, MyWrld

"Fashion to me is more than just clothing, it's a way to express myself without speaking."



"My designs are inspired by my culture, familial experiences, and mystigoth fashion & interior design movement of the 80s and 90s."



"I'm inspired by different models and designers."


Brooke Terrapin, Midwest Twist

"I focus mainly on western wear inspired looks with a twist to a fun and unique modern vibe. I am inspired by my upbringing and the western and agricultural industries."

Brooke Terrapin's Gallery

Lynn Vuong

"I know it is easier said than done but I would like to challenge myself to creating pieces."


Nina Winter, TISSU Sewing Studio

​"My goal is to inspire & empower a new generation through the art of slowing down, mindful makings, sewing & fashion design. Your imagination and creativity can change the world."

Meet Our Designers: Team Members

Guest/Inactive Designers


Kara Billie, Shop Risky


Maria Egger, Milkweed Clothier


Christopher Gulick

Anita Ortiz.jpg

Anita Ortiz, Hot and Bothered Clothing

Danny Sun.jpg

Danny Sun, Dummy Apparel Company

Yvie Tovar.jpg

Yvie Tovar, Home Girl Threads

Meet Our Designers: Team Members
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