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Nina Winter, TISSU Sewing Studio


"My goal is to inspire & empower a new generation through the art of slowing down, mindful makings, sewing & fashion design. Your imagination and creativity can change the world."

Nina, a Kansas native, is a slow fashion enthusiast, teacher, and designer. She is the owner of TISSU Sewing Studio and has offered her classes to the Wichita community since 2014. Nina received her Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Merchandising in 2011 from the Academy of Art Merchandising in San Francisco. Her time studying in California was a turning point in her fashion career, as the sustainable & eco-conscious city opened her eyes to the industry's harmful contributions. In her spare time, Nina enjoys making, mentoring, mindful living & of course, spreading MAGIC & joy! You can find her teaching yoga/mindfulness & advocating for the slow foods movement with her pop-up restaurant, MOKKO Cuisine.

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