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2023 July Pop-up

Date: July 15, 2023

Location: Wichita City Skatepark

Designers: Athalia, Dummy Apparel Company, Lynn Vuong

Hair & Makeup: Kylee, MollyRemmi, & Robert

Photographers: Darrin Hackney, I See Thys Moments, Kevlor Photos

Sponsor: Harvester Arts

Skate & Fashion meet at the park! We brought our skateboard & skate community together for a show at the skate park. Attendees were encouraged to come out and skate as well as participate in the community art project with Landen Blake Swearingen Art.

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2023 June Pop-up

Date: June 17, 2023

Location: WAVE

Designers: Meet the Challenge Mentees (Destiny & Izary), Dario Corea, Thomas Cottner, Chismosa Company, & Sydney Lenox

Hair & Makeup: Kylee & Jasmine

Music: Meet the Challenge Mentee, Clayton

Photographers: Meet the Challenge Mentee, Lucky Photo, I See Thys Moments, Odyssey PhotographyTyrant Waffle, & Ulrick Glen Brown Photography

Sponsor: Meritrust Credit Union

ICT Fashion Tour partners with Mulberry Art Gallery to produce a fashion and art show featuring Black and BIPOC designers alongside the Meet the Challenge mentees.

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2023 June Pop-up

Date: June 4, 2023

Location: Chain to River: 2.0

Designers: Joel Cazares, Chismosa Company, Dario Corea Thomas Cottner, Sydney Lenox, & Malissa Long

Photographers: I See Thys Moments, Odyssey Photography, & Tyrant Waffle 

ICT Fashion Tour provided interactive fashion segments to Harvester Arts & Gallery Place Project's Chain to River 2.0 event. Chain to River was an interactive art walk showcasing unexpected and under-appreciated gems in Wichita's downtown and along our riverfront. It featured live performances by Smack Dab Dance Lab, visual artists and performers, and many other Wichita creatives.

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2023 May Pop-up

Date: May 27, 2023

Location: The Studio School

Designers: Meghan Miller, Sydney Lenox, Dario Corea​

Hair & Makeup: Jasmine

Photographers: Ruby Ann Photography, Odyssey Photography, I See Thys Moments, & Ulrick Glen Brown Photography

Sketch the Runway with ICT Fashion Tour and our Sketch Club. Attendees not only participated in a unique runway show, but was also encouraged to bring their art materials and sketch the models and looks during the event. Attendees were also able to participate in weaving a textile from a member of the Weavers Guild of Wichita.

Community fashion & art collaboration with Landen Blake Swearingen Art. Each of our shows will feature two thrifted fashion ensembles where attendees can paint and sew to create a new looks to be featured at our finale show.

Harvester Arts' core values are centered around Experimentation, Capacity Building, and Community Engagement and we utilize these values as a framework for all partnerships. Our partnership with the Studio School includes a variety of programming with local artists and creatives including a studio resident that curates exhibitions in the Arnold Gallery, performances and pop-up experiences. Interested in creative opportunities at The Studio School? Please complete this form.

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2023 April Pop-up

Date: April 22, 2023

Location: Candela at the LUX

Designers: Thomas Cottner, Jae, Sydney Lenox, Malissa Long, Quianna, Raneem, &