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Our Runway Shows

Introductory Runway

We hosted our first Intro Show featuring teasers of our 2022 cohort of 12 local designers with Art in the Alley at Public at the Brickyard. We just hosted our second Intro Show in December introducing 19 designers for our 2023 program! 

Check out our Intro Shows here!

Byrd and Blue

Pop-up Runways

Our pop-up shows for 2022 took place in the monthly from March through July in different locations throughout Wichita. Our first year we hosted runway shows from a local fabric store to a farm in the surrounding Wichita area. We also collaborate with organizations to provide a runway segment in their program. Each of our pop-up runways featured a few of our 2022 designers, collaborating music and performing artists, and at times a guest designer from the community.

Check out our pop-up runway shows here!  

McKnight Ulrich Runway Anri

Finale Runway

Our first finale show featured all the ICT Fashion Tour active designers on Saturday September 17th. 2022 at TempleLive Wichita. 

Check out our first Finale Show here!

Scottish Rite Ballroom

Gourmet Fashion Shows

Dress your best as you feast on the exquisite food & drinks from Odd Fellow Hall and feast your eyes and ears on the designs, music, & choreography of our extraordinary runway show.

Gourmet Fashion is where fashion meets food with our fundraiser dinner hosted by Odd Fellow Hall. Attendees will experience curated courses and crafted cocktails inspired by the runway looks from ICT Fashion Tour's lineup.

A percentage of ticket sales will go towards ICT Fashion Tour to fund our shows and artists.

Check out our first Gourmet Fashion Collective Show here!


Want to get volunteer at our runway shows?

Runway Shows: Projects

Upcoming Runways feat. ICT Fashion Tour

1pm - 4pm

Popup Runway @WAVE
Saturday June 17th

Representing our BIPOC artists to celebrate Juneteenth with Mulberry Art Gallery. Details coming soon!


Popup Runway @Wichita City Skatepark
Saturday July 15th

Our pop-up runway collaboration with local artists and skaters.

Time TBD

Popup Runway @Happy Acres Ranch (Augusta, KS)
Saturday October 14th

Come out to help us fundraise for ICT Fashion Tour and Happy Acres Ranch with the miniature animals at their petting zoo. Details coming soon!

6:00pm - 10:00pm

Gourmet Fashion
Friday October 27th

Runway meets gourmet fashion. Attendees will experience 4-6 fashion collections from our ICT Fashion Tour designers along with courses & cocktails curated to each collection. A portion of the ticket sales will go towards ICT Fashion Tour to fund our 2024 shows and artists.

Runway Shows: Schedule
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